Red River Quilters brings you two very special exhibits this year. You'll be inspired by both, which span decades--from vintage tops to designing your own fabric!

Inspiration: From Vintage Quilt Top to Completed Quilt

Have you ever wondered what to do with that vintage top you have? Hosted by Handi Quilter, enjoy a collection of vintage quilt tops that have been machine quilted by Handi Quilter National Educators.
Each quilt started as a vintage quilt top purchased either on eBay or at a farm auction in the 1980’s by Brenda Groelz, Director of Marketing for Handi Quilter. The quilters are all National Educators who teach for Handi Quilter. They chose their quilt top and quilted it “in a manner which the original piecer could never have dreamed.” The idea was to give a modern slant to a vintage top and to bring it to life.

Many times there is a good reason that a quilt top was never quilted. It might not be square or flat or pieced well. We didn’t allow the quilters to launder the tops, so these finished quilts show some age spots and mild blemishes.

Unquilted, these tops would spend their days folded in storage. But after the HQ educators worked their longarm magic, we hope you’ll agree that each quilt is delightful and inspirational.

Fabric: From Idea to Cloth

Have you wondered about the process of how fabric goes from an idea to the bolt at the store? Do you have an idea for a unique fabric and wish you could have it printed just for you? Guild members Andrew Love and Linda McGehee have done just that. 

Linda McGehee shows you how a photograph of a flower in her yard became a fabric collection from Hoffman Fabrics. She'll show you ideas for using cotton quilting fabric in your home.
Andrew Love uses today's digital techniques to design unique fabric for use in special projects. You'll learn more about your options for designing your own unique fabric.