2017 Featured Quilter

Jerrie Thornton

The first quilt Jerrie made was a queen size quilt finished in 1995 for her husband’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. In 1994 she was looking for ideas for something to make for their anniversary, and came across a magazine article about someone who had made a quilt for a special event. “I don’t remember what the event was, but it gave me the idea to make a quilt. I had been sewing since I was a kid. I had made clothes for myself and my daughters, curtains, bed spreads, pillows, stuffed animals, Halloween costumes, a banner for a Brownie Troop, and flags for the high school flag team. I told a friend about the quilt I was making and she had a sister-in-law who had a long-arm machine, so I mailed the quilt off to her to be quilted,” she said. In September 1995 they moved to North Carolina, and delivered the quilt to her in-laws (in Bossier City) on the way. By the time Jerrie finished that first quilt, she had started two more. She said, “I had no idea what a big part of my life quilting would become.”

When they arrived in North Carolina, their neighbor owned a local quilt shop. Jerrie started working for her and taking classes almost immediately. Eventually she taught a few classes and helped the shop owner vendor at quilt shows. Jerrie entered a pineapple quilt in the guild’s quilt show that she quilted on her sewing machine. It was her first time to enter a quilt show and it won a ribbon.

Jerrie joined Red River Quilters in 2000. Jerrie says, “I love being a part of Red River Quilters and Haughton Quilters, but the one thing that I love the most (besides the quilters) is our quilt show.” “Although I love appliquéd quilts, I really enjoy piecing much more than applique. When I first started making quilts, I chose more pastel colors but now I prefer much brighter colors,” said Jerrie. She now quilts her quilts on a Gammill long-arm machine.

Jerrie’s advice to new and beginning quilters is “just do it, find a pattern that interests you and get started. If you need help along the way, all you have to do is ask. Quilters are very friendly people who love to share their knowledge. Also join Red River Quilters or a guild. Visit fabric stores and quilt shops, take classes and talk to other quilters.”